Laura Porter


Laura Porter is Co-Founder of ACE Interface, LLC.   With Dr. Robert Anda, Ms. Porter develops and disseminates educational products and empowerment strategies that help leaders throughout the nation to dramatically improve population health.  She is honored to be a thought partner, educator, consultant and coach in two dozen states.  Ms. Porter provides support and services to a wide range of groups… from parents leading informal initiatives to officials leading state and federal agencies. 

Laura Porter brings to ACE Interface more than a decade of experience leading successful state-wide implementation of ACE Study concepts.  Her expertise includes overseeing analysis and dissemination of surveillance and archival data to support decision making, and designing and facilitating processes demonstrated to improve population health, safety and productivity.  Laura is committed to developing market forces in the ACE social movement sufficient to sustain the courageous leaders who are using ACE and resilience science and Building Self-Healing Communities.

Ms. Porter concurrently serves as the Senior Director of The Learning Institute at the Foundation for Healthy Generations, a Seattle-based non-profit.  There she oversees analysis of Washington State ACE data and works with local and state leaders to embed NEAR science findings into policy, practice and community norms.  (NEAR: Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACE and Resilience)

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